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The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood houses students in spacious dormitories amid gardens. Photo by Filipp Romanovski on Unsplash

About the Brotherhood

Since its beginning centuries ago, the Brotherhood has specialized in teaching War magic but which also teaches Item and Creature magic, (which many Masters deem more valuable than War magic). A foldbox the most-prized possession of any Master in any school of magic. They are almost exclusively made at the Great House by Grand Masters of Item magic.

The Great House of the Brotherhood is at Anbre-near-the-Sea, near the northern coast. Its students, faculty, and staff tend to be male, although many older students from the Sisterhood who want to improve their Item and Creature magic skills study there as well. Though the architecture and grounds lack the color and warmth of the Sisterhood school, the House’s interiors reflect the sacred nature of its mission in its great courtyards and bright corridors.

Like the Sisters, Brothers often marry and raise families near the Great House or take postings at smaller teaching houses in the north. Brothers needing special care are sent to the House of Restoration in Laurenfell, where they can be safely visited by their Brothers and family members.


The Brotherhood is famous for breeding five-gated horses for its Journeymen and Masters. Jez, shown here, belongs to Master Elden


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