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Uniquely Darae

The Words of Darae

Pronunciation Guide

Here’s how to pronounce the names of some of the key characters in the Orb and Arrow epic fantasy adventure novels:

Brillar: bri-LAHR
Garnelden: gar-NEL-den
Harrolen: HA-row-len
Rodenis: row-DEN-is
Darwallen: dahr-WALL-en
Prendar: PREN-dar

Uthalef: oo-THAL-ef
Yarell: YA-rel
Wa’olle: wah-O-lay
AEdhahren: aed-HAH-ren
AElethee: AEL-eth-ee
K’ish: K’ish

A Glossary of AElfair Words

AElfain/aelfain: the people of the southern forests of Darae
AElfair: the language spoken in Darae
AElfi/aelfi: child (either sex)
AElfen/aelfen: female
AElfe/aelfe: male
Aelfa/aelfa: of the aelfain people

The Dimlock

Dimlock: an enchanted necklace or livery collar made in mocking imitation of the great chains of office granted by the king. It is made of circular medallions connected by links. Each medallion is enchanted with a dark spell that separates the wearer from the world and prevents the wearer from taking in mana or casting a spell. The medallions also physically weaken the wearer so that resistance is impossible. It was originally made to imprison mages who used dark magic as that is forbidden in Darae. The user of such magic was always executed. A dimlock prevented escape before that execution.


Cwel: a furred, flop-eared animal about twice the size of a rabbit that eats roots and tubers

Linic: a bird about the size of a pheasant

Types of Magic

Life Magic

Life spells are used to heal the physical body. Healers use orbs as enhancers of their vision. An orb allows a Healer to see inside the body and study and heal internal injuries and broken bones. Healers also use herbs to create medicines and health elixirs.

Item Magic

Item magic enables a mage to manipulate an inanimate object. Armor can be made more durable and more resistant to attack. and clothing, furniture or shelters can be mended with Item magic.

Creature Magic

Creature magic allows the user to lower the resistance of an animal or human so that they will do as the mage desires. Very skilled practitioners can use it to communicate with animals with which they are bonded. The bond between a mage and his horse, for example, can be very strong.

War Magic

A War mage uses mana to cast spells of fire, lightning, ice, and air at a target. Air can be solidified into stone by a skilled War mage and literally thrown at a target. War mages are often feared for their abilities and sought after when danger threatens.

Photo by Simon Wilkes

The farms and forests of Northern Dereff sustain a growing population. But the verdant land is bordered on the south by the Wild, where strange tribes and stranger animals inhabit the land. Adventurers who travel there can return rich – or not at all.

Photo credit: James Forbes on Unsplash
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