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In addition to her fiction, V.L. Stuart also writes journalism and narrative nonfiction, particularly in relation to gardening and nature. She publishes under her pen name or as Victoria Stuart Torley.

Now Available

Anyone who has ever read Susan Orleans’ The Orchid Thief or seen the movie Adaptation starring Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper, which is loosely based on Orleans’ work, knows that orchid hunting can quickly become an dangerous and costly obsession. It also has become increasingly difficult to obtain wild orchids because of environmental laws designed to protect these rare species of flowers.

If you are an orchid lover, however, or just love the idea of tramping around marshes, you may want to read my book currently available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

And Coming Soon

A quirky look at gardening in the tropics. What happens when a “Northern” gardener moves to Costa Rica? You have no idea….

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