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I was instantly swept up in this magical adventure.

I absolutely loved Brillar (such a strong female lead) and Elden (how could you not love Elden). I was totally drawn in to the fiction and couldn’t put the book down.

I used to love fantasy until I found it to be a rehash of the same plotline. Not only does Stuart avoid this pitfall, the novel actually offers twists that I, as a scifi/fantasy reader and writer of four decades, didn’t see coming. A well-told tale worthy of your time!

For those who enjoy exploring new worlds, this is a great adventure! Any good fantasy needs a rich, unique world. This book delivers that in spades.

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  1. I have read the series from the first and I get caught up in the books and look forward to the next one. When I start the book it is hard to stop when I need to do something…fantastic reading.

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