World of Darae

Walk Paths of Magic

The world of Darae holds great secrets and dangers.
World of Darae: Enter the Wild if you dare

Visit the world of Darae with Eldin and Brillar, roam the Wild but keep close to avoid running into any Rovers.

Walk the forests, hills and fields of Dereff, one of four major continents of Darae. Visit villages, towns, walled cities. Farms abound and mills grind the harvest from fields of grain. Farmers grow vegetables and fruit orchards dot the landscape. Ranchers raises horses or cattle and all seems at peace.

But peace requires protection. And King Danyar maintains the peace with armed men under the direction of local sheriffs throughout his northern kingdom. Sheriffs often call on members of the Brotherhood for help, warrior mages whose spells of fire and ice, stone and lightening, provide the ultimate defense against attack. And no land is ever truly safe from outlaws, sea raiders or renegades from the Wild.

Danger may exist behind every shadowy crevice or unexplored forest, but both the people and the animals of Darae thrive. There are few things that Healers from the Sisterhood cannot cure. Let gentle hands touch a wound, seek out a broken bone, speak the words that call mana from the Light and be healed.

It’s rare to find a Healer roaming the Wild, however, and the Rovers are rarely friendly.

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