Book Giveaway Contest

Win a free copy of Orb and Arrow: Honor or an Amazon gift certificate

If you’ve enjoyed reading about Brillar and Elden’s adventure in Orb and Arrow: Exploration, participate in this book giveaway contest to win a free paperback copy of Book II in the series Orb and Arrow: Honor, which will be published in September 2022 or a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Read Orb and Arrow: Exploration (Book I), available now in paperback or eBook
  2. Write a review of the novel. The review must be at least two sentences long (tell readers what you liked most about the plot, what character you liked best and why, do you favor Creature Magic or Life Magic, what you hope will happen next in the series–anything that helps get other readers engaged).
  3. Post the review on Amazon or Goodreads.
  4. Send me a copy or link to the review via email:

I will number each review as they come in. When I have five, I will have someone randomly pick up a number (1-5). The reader whose review has been assigned the number chosen will then receive a copy of the second novel in the series upon publication OR a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

Simple, right? For every five reviews, someone will win a copy of Orb and Arrow: Duty (Book II)

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