The Sisterhood

A youthful Brillar contemplates her future in one of the gardens of the Sisterhood.

The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood primarily focuses on Life magic and the healing arts, although it also teaches basic Item and Creature magic. Older students who desire more study in the latter advance their studies at the Brotherhood.

The Great House of the Sisterhood just outside of the town of Laurenfell accepts beginning students and advanced students from minor teaching houses across Northern Dereff. The House admits both girls and boys, although girls usually outnumber the boys who are more often drawn to the skills of War magic..

The House and Healing Hall are of white stone, full of windows, courtyards, and light. Color is encouraged, and students and staff generally dress in a rainbow of hues, though most staff members prefer pastels over students’ bright yellows and pinks.

Many married Sisters live in town or near the school. They and their families may move to one of the minor houses where a Sister is sent to take up teaching duties.

Behind these doors is the Sisterhood’s House of Restoration, a special secluded compound for those who suffer from illnesses of the mind. It often houses War mages who, broken by their experiences, require enhanced help before they can return to their families. Most recover, but those who do not are protected and cared for until their deaths.

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