Orb and Arrow Books

Adventure awaits in this exciting epic fantasy series

Magic abounds in Orb and Arrow. Public domain photo

About the Orb and Arrow Series

The evocative Tolkienesque world of Darae immediately draws you into the epic fantasy adventures of Brillar and Elden, one an archer and healer, the other a Mage of the Four Powers. Even a powerful mage like Elden can find himself captive and in deadly danger. Brillar’s bow and Life magic skills free him, but then what?

Although each initially finds the other stubborn and unreasonable, Elden can think of only one way to reward Brillar for her aid – he insists that she become his apprentice. That sworn alliance will carry them to a confrontation with a Master Mage driven insane by his past, the mage who had Elden taken prisoner. Only death will satisfy Harrolen, but how many will need to die? How much blood will need to be stilled to quench his lust?

Explore Darae with them. Visit the Wild and meet its people, the Rovers, whose savagery nearly overwhelms them. Join the quest of the Ælfain and battle the undead. Face the mysterious K’ish and the Savic, those who love only power and control.

Part one of the epic fantasy series has begun.

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