7/17/22 Getting Reviews

I was recently asked how I got so many reviews since some books languish with one review for years. I immediately thought of my fellow author BK Greenwood who has been hard at work promoting his books. He has his own website. He had banners made of two of his covers. He does book signings/sales at farmer’s markets, comic book stores, independent book stores, and finally, got accepted to display at a local Barns and Noble. He works at it.

Marketing your book is hard work. It helps that Greenwood’s trilogy, “The Last Roman,” is a damn fine novel (as are books two and three), but he works at it.

So, step one. You need beta readers, and you need to listen to them. Revise your novel; make sure to run it through Grammarly.com or other editing software. Make it as perfect as possible. Get at least ten beta readers who promise to review the novel once it comes out.

Those ten people are the core of your launch group. Ten reviews on launch day – more is better. Beta readers do not get paid, but they get mentioned in acknowledgments.

Now you get your author copies of your novel, and, like Greenwood, you get out there one-on-one and market them!

Questions? Drop me an email at query@authorvlstuart.com, and I will try to answer.

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