My words

Now, where was I? Ah yes, the discovery that the Light had given someone the power to call on mana he didn’t know existed!

How can that be, you wonder? How can someone call to something he does not know? That is the Gift of the Light, a Gift that surprised all. It was a time of warfare, a time in the distant past. Petty overlords contested against each other for wealth and influence. Men, women, children slaughtered in their lust for power and control, and now there appeared a man who could heal the injuries of war. News of a healer spread like a flood. Peasants, the poor, came to him to be healed of the wounds inflicted by the wolves of war until the wolves, finally realizing what was happening, sought him, hunted him; yes, how they hunted him.

A price was put on his head. He took his wife to a place of safety and went into hiding disguised as a beggar. He wandered and healed those who promised to keep his secret until he encountered a child, a girl who shone with Light. He sheltered with her parents, a merchant family with some wealth. The child, he taught; as he taught, he learned. New words flowed to him from the Light, and he came to know his task in the world.

Knowing what the Light wished of him, he sought out other children; Children of the Light. These he arranged for the merchant to shelter as he taught them.

And the merchant? The man and woman who did so much for him, for us? They lived in the village of Laurenfell.

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